DIAGNOdent System

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DIAGNOdent System

Dental caries, or cavities, are some of the most common dental problems that both children and adults have. A new type of technology, the DIAGNOdent system, is a tool that allows dentists to detect cavities at their earliest stages and treat them so that they do not grow and endanger the health of the tooth.

What Does the DIAGNOdent System Do?
The DIAGNOdent system uses a small, handheld tip that is connected to the computerized unit. The dentist or dental hygienist holds the wand against each tooth, and the DIAGNOdent then provides an analysis of whether there is an early-stage cavity in the tooth and where that cavity might be. The machine offers greater than 90 percent accuracy on teeth that do not have any dental restorations. Catching a cavity early means that the dentist could apply a fluoride treatment or use a small, tooth-colored filling. When a cavity is caught at a larger size, it might need a more extensive restoration, such as a crown.

What Are the Benefits of Using the DIAGNOdent System?
Most people take pride in healthy teeth and a great-looking smile, and the DIAGNOdent system can help detect problems before they require the use of an extensive dental restoration. The DIAGNOdent works in conjunction with your dentist’s visual exam and the dental X-rays to provide an in-depth picture of your current dental health. As a minimally invasive diagnostic tool, a scan with the DIAGNOdent is quick and painless. The DIAGNOdent also allows the dentist and hygienist to monitor the progression of an early-stage cavity and make sound treatment decisions if the cavity progresses.

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