Here at Classic Smiles Dentistry, we are committed to helping you achieve a beautiful smile while also promoting your long-term oral health. Our skilled dentists and team provide no-prep dental veneers to give you the smile of your dreams and conserve your tooth enamel. We invite you to call us at (714) 871-0300 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Amina Chaudhry or Dr. Donald Tormey and learn more about the benefits of no-prep dental veneers in Fullerton, California.

No-prep veneers are similar to traditional dental veneers in that they allow you to change the appearance of your teeth and smile. Unlike traditional veneers, however, no-prep veneers also work to conserve as much tooth enamel as possible. This often makes them the preferred option when our dentists and team provide dental veneers, as it is always better to preserve your natural tooth structure whenever possible.

Our dentists may recommend no-prep veneers to correct flaws such as:

  • Small chips and cracks
  • Teeth that are unusually small in size
  • Poorly positioned teeth
  • Large gaps and spaces between teeth
  • Discolored teeth

Benefits of no-prep veneers include:

  • A significantly less invasive treatment, as minimal or no grinding down of the tooth is needed.
  • A more comfortable treatment — you may not even need an anesthetic!
  • A greatly reduced likelihood of tooth sensitivity from the procedure.
  • A reversible treatment — no-prep veneers can be removed if needed.
  • A stronger bond of the veneer to your tooth due to the fact that the veneer is bonded to enamel rather than dentin.
  • Greater chances of a successful long-term treatment.

For more information about no-prep dental veneers and to schedule a consultation with our dentists, contact our office today!

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