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Digital X-rays

Most people visit the dentist to get their regular checkups and teeth cleanings; however, visiting the dentist can save your life. X-rays are helpful in detecting conditions that may have otherwise remained undiscovered by the naked eye. For example, X-rays can show cancerous tumors, decay between the teeth, bone loss and issues below the gum line. Problems around the gum line can affect the overall health of the body, and oral conditions are useful in identifying larger issues within the body.

At Classic Smiles Dentistry, we are proud to offer the latest innovation in dental X-rays that decreases radiation exposure by 80 to 90 percent and allows for greater inspection and care of your teeth. This technology helps to accurately identify any concerns while optimizing your individual treatment plan.


In place of an X-ray film, an electronic sensor is used to capture and store a digital image of your teeth on a computer. This means the image can be viewed at different angles, which would have required multiple images of traditional dental X-rays. It also means that digital X-ray images can be amplified to view greater detail of your teeth.


Special radiography helps to subtract out duplicate imagery so that only an accurate digital image of your teeth remains. At Classic Smiles Dentistry, you can view the image of your teeth as we discuss any issues and the overall health of your mouth. Dr. Tormey, DDS and the team at Classic Smiles Dentistry are able to provide you with an efficient treatment plan that will reduce the duration and number of office visits that require this specialized technology. Contact our office today to take advantage of our digital X-ray services.

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