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When you have a dental emergency and need a new or replacement restoration and just can’t wait for weeks for a traditional dental lab, an E4D dentist may be the solution for you. E4D dentistry, which is also referred to as dental CAD/CAM technology, is an in-house system set up in your dentist’s office. It makes the restoration while you wait, and then your dentist affixes it to your tooth.

The Technology Behind E4D Dentistry

E4D dentistry makes use of dental CAD/CAM technology. This is a
computerized, self-contained unit that uses a laser to create optical images of your mouth. The integrated system uses software to analyze the images that are then used by the unit’s milling and burring parts to create the restoration that you need, such as a cap or a crown. The system is an efficient solution to repairing a damaged tooth.

How E4D Dentistry Works

The E4D dentistry system is a fast process. When you have a damaged tooth that needs a milled, metal-free crown; dental veneer; onlay; or inlay, your dentist will use the unit to scan the tooth. The unit will capture all of the necessary measurements to make the restoration. You will then wait a short time while the milling part of the device makes the restoration. Your dentist will then place it in your mouth using the usual dental cement.


What to Expect With E4D Dental Restorations

E4D restorations are customized to fit you. Because they are free of metal, you may notice decreased sensitivity. The tooth-colored restorations will blend in with your other teeth. The entire process, from imaging to placement of the restoration, takes about 90 minutes.

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