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Benefits of Using Fluoride

fluoride-treatmentHardens Enamel

Now you know that fluoride helps redeposit minerals onto the enamel coating of your teeth, but its effects stretch far beyond just that. New studies indicate that fluoride actually helps harden tooth enamel to a level much stronger than once thought possible. Since the enamel coating is what protects your teeth from the acid that decay-causing bacteria release, it’s important to keep your enamel as strong as possible.

Hinders the Adhesion of Bacteria

As if strengthening your enamel wasn’t reason enough to use fluoride, studies also show that it helps prevent the adhesion of bacteria to your teeth. This is an extremely important benefit because bacteria produces an acid that causes cavities when it remains on your teeth. Experiments on artificial teeth have demonstrated that fluoride reduces bacteria’s ability to stick to teeth and makes it easier to wash away the bacteria with saliva or brushing.

Certain People Benefit More From Fluoride

While fluoride benefits everyone, certain people get more out of adding fluoride to their oral care regimen. This includes people who have:

• Braces or crowns
• Dry mouth
• Gum disease
• Frequent cavities

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