Preventive Care

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When it comes to a healthy mouth, preventive care is critical. Preventive dentistry focuses on the basic services such as oral cleanings and cancer screenings that keep your teeth clean and detect problems in their earliest stages. Other preventive services are designed to stop dental decay and disorders from occurring. You can also perform your own preventive care at home in between the routine visits to your dentist.

Why Preventive Dentistry Is Important

Preventive dentistry protects your teeth to help reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease. Preventing these problems is less costly and takes less time than treating them. Avoiding cavities and gum disease also helps to keep your teeth healthy and may help you to avoid diseases that lead to gum tissue and tooth loss.

Preventive Dentistry Services Offered By Dentists

Your dentist performs preventive care such as cleanings and exams. The cleanings remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line. To further protect your teeth, the dentist may apply fluoride and pit or fissure sealants. The fluoride makes enamel stronger. Sealants fill in the tiny spots where food particles and bacteria can accumulate and cause tooth decay.

What You Can Do to Prevent Cavities and Gum Disease

Between cleanings and check-ups with your dentist, you can take action at home to prevent cavities and gum disease. Brushing your teeth twice every day for two minutes at a time removes plaque-causing bacteria and food particles from your teeth. Flossing removes what can’t be reached by your toothbrush. An antiseptic mouth rinse can kill bacteria living in your mouth. You can also make healthy dietary choices by eliminating sugary and acidic foods from your diet.

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