The Wands STA

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The Wands STA

When you need a filling, a root canal or another dental procedure, receiving a dose of anesthetic allows you to have the work done without discomfort. Anesthesia numbs the area where the work is being done so that the patient does not feel pain.

For some people, the thought of receiving anesthesia is as troubling as the idea of getting dental work done. That’s because injecting the anesthetic into the gums too quickly can feel uncomfortable or even painful. Dentists try to inject the medication slowly, but it can be tricky to control this by hand. However, the Wand STA anesthetic delivery is controlled by computer. The medication is injected slowly so that the patient experiences significantly less discomfort as it goes into the gum tissue. The Wand STA even makes it possible for tricky injections to be received comfortably.

The Wand STA Can Help

If a patient has a needle phobia, the Wand STA can help because it doesn’t look like a typical needle syringe. Rather, this device resembles a pen. The needle tip is hardly noticeable, so the patient can be more relaxed as it approaches the mouth.

The “STA” in the name of this device stands for “Single Tooth Anesthesia.” Dentists can use this tool to numb just a very specific part of one’s mouth. If a patient is having work done on only one tooth, they can numb just that spot. Special sensors on the device help the dentist to know exactly where to make the injection.

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Whether you are apprehensive about receiving an oral anesthetic or just want to experience a better method of having dental work done, Dr. Donald Tormey’s staff is ready to use the Wand STA to prepare you for your procedure. Contact us today, and we’ll work to ensure that you remain comfortable from beginning to end.

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